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Breville Convection Oven is a product of Breville started in Sydney, Australia in 1932. They are the original manufactures of the sandwich toaster. The product made great strides in Australia in the mid 1970’s Selling over a half of million units in one year. This made Breville a house hold brand throughout the world. 

This brand began with Bill O’Brien and Henry Norville who mixed together there last name to produce the brand Breville. They began their innovative ambitions during World War II manufacturing Radios and mine detectors. These families continued manufacturing products through three generations. In 1977 Breville launched a line of Breville Kitchen products that went one to produce some of the top lines of convection ovens in the world. 

The Breville Convection Oven has revolutionized convection heating with their patented Element IQ. This encompasses a smart sensor that directs forced air to areas that need it the most. The sensor will detect if a particular area of your food is under cooked the sensor will detect this and accommodate it with deposited forced air in that area. This guarantees that your food creating a even cooked dish.  

The breville convection oven comes in a vast of styles and sizes to choose from. 


·         The Smart Oven with Element IQ this 1800 counter top oven has the ability to adjust the heating element that guarantee’s food will cook evenly. This Breville Convection Oven has a 9 menu temperature pre-selection that remembers your oven selection for next use. 

·         Breville Stainless Steel Smart Oven includes the innovative design comes with the Element IQ and distributes 1800 watts of power with 5 function elements for cooking a variety of dishes. The breville Stainless Steel Smart Oven includes nine customizable controls for cooking baked foods, toast; Pizza to name a few. This breville oven comes with a 13 inch pizza pan and a medium baking dish. 


·         Breville Compact Smart Oven Toaster Oven this is a smart toaster oven that features Element IQ technology. This toaster oven includes preset 8 program settings. The interior is a ease to clean and non-sticking coated steel housing that includes a class door. 

·         The Breville Mini Smart Oven is a small compact oven that easily fits on most counter tops and excellent for smaller kitchens. This oven has 3 adjustable racks positions. The inside of the oven has a non-stick coating creates an easy surface to clean and maintain. This mini oven is a bargain and includes a pull crumb tray, sound alert and for the working on the go couple and automatic shut off.  

·         The Breville Panini Grill is an excellent choice for the sports parties and Friday night family fun. This grill is perfect choice for grilled fish, chicken, hamburgers and all kinds of sweet treats.
This grill is an ease to clean and dish washer safe. The coating is non-sticking this removes the task of scrubbing trying to clean a tough surface just wipe and clean. 


a)      There are some excellent additional features with the grill the 7 adjustable height control settings, removable drip tray, stainless steel and aluminum non-stick plates cast.



b)      In conclusion Breville product line has made them elite in the line of convection heating and product design. They carry a large variety of sizes and design to suit the consumer for specific needs and function.